I have been using the Respiratory Support (Arbor) product for two years. It WORKS! I recently added Immune Support (Fortress). Together, I am even getting faster results. Highly recommend both products!
— Richard Gorden
I recently purchased your “Forest” salve for my Mom, who was recovering from chemo. In addition to her cancer, my Mom has arthritis and was complaining that her knees hurt her. I had a jar of the salve and I gave it to her to try and she felt immediate relief. The aromatherapy salve was very soothing and she was happy that it was natural, after taking so many strong medicines for her cancer.
— Lynn
As a life-long sufferer of chest and back acne, I’ve tried every product and drug imaginable. Turns out the best thing is to leave it alone and use a custom blend from Karin to reduce inflammation and help speed healing. She really knows her stuff, and refines my custom blend as needed for the sweaty summers and dry winters of New York City.
— Denise, New York
I have been using Avila Aromatics’ wonderful face oil for several years now. Not only is it specifically made for my skin type, but Karin adds my favorite essential oil scents, making it especially personal. I have noticed how much smoother my skin is with less fine lines than before I used this beautiful face oil. I am turning 60 very soon and have had many comments on how great my skin looks! Thank you Karin for this terrific and effective product!
— Annette, New Jersey
My daughter and I have been using the lull blend for about 6 months. After attempts of other oils, melatonin and attempted relaxation teas. I am so lucky to have been introduced to lull blend for sleep. We rub it on our chest and behind our ears. Minutes after we are asleep like newborn babies. I am unable to sleep at nights due to joint pain. Years went by of me laying in bed unable to fall back to sleep. I am thankful to be able to reach for this and take a few deep breathes and fall back asleep. I am so happy to have this oil to help us get the rest we need. Thank you Karen for all the love and intention you put in your blends.
— Georgianna, Florida
Although I don’t write many testimonials, I’d like to write one when I feel a product is extraordinary. I have been using essential oils for at least 20 years. Being a nutritionist I also recommend them to my clients when needed. The first time I tried one of Avila Aromatics products I knew these were very special. The blends are not only transportive to the spirit but they work! They do what they say
they will do. Such care and knowledge goes into making these products. I really think and feel these are the best products I have come across in my many years of continual searching. Other products have been good... some even great.. and yet they do not compare with the love and knowing that goes into each and every one of these products. I can feel it. I use it and I get results. To find a gifted aromatherapist like this who uses very high grade oils and infuses each product with genuine heart is a true blessing. I will continue to use these oils and recommend them to all the people I know who are looking to try a brand that stands above the rest gently and with great power.
— Donna, Arizona
I just adore this company! Each product I’ve purchased has been exceptional. I gave my father who has stiff joints, “Grove”, one of the joint support roll ons. He told me it was helping him and he is still using it. The high quality of the essential oils is apparent in the exquisite aromas and healing efficacy of these offerings. You can feel the love that goes into each small batch, hand crafted product. They are a real treat for the body and the mind. Love, love, love them!
— Billie, New York
I want to share with you how much I LOVE Avila Aromatics “Uplift!” It’s a customized spray that I use every morning before heading out the door. I just spritz a couple times above my head and let the heavenly fragrance settle over me to get uplifted before tackling my day! Not like perfume at all, it is truly energizing and calming all at the same time!
— Wendy, Pennsylvania
I began using Avila Aromatics’ products about 4 years ago when Karin custom blended a facial serum to suit my skin and age. It is exquisite. Her oils are topnotch. I’ve always been drawn to rose scents, and the rose essence she uses is subtle and beautiful, like nothing I’ve encountered in other cosmetics. Whenever I am ready for a “refill,” she checks in to see what my face needs help with— wrinkles, rosacea, dryness, etc. She always wants to understand what scents I’m drawn to and resonate with. Then she delicately tweaks my “prescription” to suit the face I have now, not the face of six months ago. The serums are really dynamic and individualized. Karin’s training, intuition, experimentation, quality control, great nose, and ability to connect with her clients combine to make essential oils blends that really do feel essential. All the Avila products I’ve tried are unique, subtle, and seem to work energetically as well as physically. I find the “protection” spray refreshing, grounding, and helpful when life gets really busy or I’m stuck in a mood. The sleep blend is also lovely and relaxing. I believe Karin is gifted at aromatherapy. My 60+ year face is very fortunate.
— Tori, California