Online Personal Consultation

Online Personal Consultation


Avila Aromatics offers aromatherapy consultations for personalized products addressing physical, emotional and spiritual issues. All consultations include one complimentary customized product.


How Does This Work? With your "Online Personal Consultation" purchase, you'll be prompted to fill out an extensive form that will allow us to gain a better understanding of your needs. Once the form is completed and submitted, Avila Aromatics will then review and begin researching potential blends tailored specially for you. Afterwards, you will be contacted via to arrange a consultation date. We will then meet either at Avila Aromatic's location within Brooklyn, or conversing and collaborating online. Our session will consist of us fine tuning the blend, together.

How Long Is The Session? Each session is one hour in length, but may vary with online method of communication.

When Will I Receive My Custom Blend? Your personalized blend will be mailed to you within 10 business days, from the date of our meeting.