Face & Ear Reflexology
45 min. | $65

Promotes a rosy glow, improved muscle tone, lymph drainage and deep relaxation.

Face & Ear Reflexology wITH Facial
60-70 MIN. | $90

Promotes a rosy glow, improved circulation, improved muscle tone with manual lymph drainage massage, extractions as needed, mask, serum, moisturize.

Gua Sha
45 MIN. | $65
SERIES OF 6 | $360

Holistic face lifting and rejuvenation, smooth appearance of wrinkles, detoxification and lymph drainage. *Improvement with each successive treatment.

Gua Sha with Facial
60-70 MIN. | $90
SERIES OF 6 | $360

Holistic face lifting and rejuvenation, smooth appearance of wrinkles, detoxification, manual lymph drainage massage, extractions according to esthetician's discretion, Gua Sha, mask, serum, moisturize. *Improvement with each successive treatment.

Face-Ear Reflexology & Gua Sha
90 MIN. | $125

Cleanse, Gua Sha, Face & Ear Reflexology, mask, serum, moisturize and you'll float home! There are no extractions with this facial, as it would be overstimulating to the skin.

European Facial
50 MIN. | $90

A classic facial including cleansing, steam and extractions as needed, gentle exfoliation, facial massage, mask and moisturizer. Head, neck and shoulder, hand and arm massage are offered for deep relaxation.

Philosophy of Skin Care

Philosophy of 

Skin Care

My core belief is that healthy skin is achieved through the harmony of mind, body, and spirit. I always tell my clients that skincare is simple and doesn’t need to be complicated. Eating well according to your own body’s needs, drinking lots of tepid water, using “green” products whose aroma and texture appeal to you (the nose knows) and taking time to rest your mind and body even for 5 minutes during the day will put you on your way to clear and vibrant skin!


In my holistic skincare practice, I tailor an individualized program for each client’s needs and goals incorporating varying healing and skincare modalities during a facial. I practice Gua Sha facial techniques, Face and Ear Reflexology and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. European facials are also available. All skincare products used in treatments are organic.

I was educated and licensed in esthetics in San Rafael, California in 2002. I am also certified in other holistic treatments including, Aromatherapy, Reiki 1 and 2, Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy, Gua Sha and Face and Ear Reflexology. In addition to individualized facials, customized face oils, aromatherapy products,
aromatherapy consultations and workshops are available upon request.

Hours of Service

Tuesday 1:00p - 5:30p
Thursday 1:00p - 8:00p

Located on the First Floor
Colleen's Yoga Studio
105 Forrest Avenue
Narberth, PA 19072