What is the difference between "certified organic" and "organic"?

For information regarding the definitions of certified Organic, wild harvest, unsprayed and conventional oils please refer to: originalswissaromatics.com and whitelotusaromatics.com

What I personally like about using certified Organic or Organic essential oils is knowing the earth is being farmed without the use of pesticides. Wild harvest oils are wonderful, and in the same breath it is important to know to the best of ones ability that the plants are being harvested ethically.

How often can I use my product?

Avila Aromatics salves are made for acute support.* That means you can use it while the support is needed, three weeks in a row of daily use.

  • Arbor can be used for the duration of a cold or flu.
  • Fortress is meant to be an immune support during the change of seasons, in crowds and when feeling physically vulnerable in general.
  • Balsam Floral and Grove are meant for acute joint support. They are for occasional stiffness and to quell searing joint pain flare ups. This means periodic use. If you are in need of support every day use discrimination. When is the discomfort at its worst? Morning stiffness, after gardening, crafting, building so on. If you are using it every day I suggest taking breaks for a few days every couple of weeks.
  • Lull can be used as needed before bedtime.
  • It’s Alright is meant for acute anxiety or in the evening for sleep support.
  • Customized face serums, body oils and emotional support roll ons are blended for every day use unless noted otherwise.

*If you are having a recurring or unresolved illness please see your health practitioner.

How should i store my product?

Products are best stored away from direct light and heat. Store at room temperature or in the refrigerator for optimum longevity. Products stored properly will maintain freshness for up to one year.

How much do you charge for a private session?

One-hour sessions are priced at $95.00. Your session will include your first product and shipping. Any additional products are an additional fee.

How long will my product last?

Your products are always made-to-order so you know what you're receiving is always fresh. Their shelf life can last upwards of 10 months. Store in a cool to moderate temperature, away from direct light and heat.

Can I use the current Avila Aromatics products on my children?

No. Please be safe. If you are looking for a remedy for your child please contact us and so we can help. Otherwise, we may direct you to the proper professionals who are capable. These products have been formulated for adults only.

What are the NUMEROUS abbreviations throughout the site?

Certified Organic (CO), Organic (O), Wild Harvest (WH), Unsprayed (U), Genuine and Authentic (G&A), Furanocourmarin Free (FCF).