Your Natural Path To A More Harmonious Body.


At Avila Aromatics, we create holistic formulations that address body, mind and spirit. Having a calm state of mind allows the body to “let down” and open to the physical support our unique blends have to offer. In addition to our wellness support products, we offer customized blends for emotional-spiritual support. With an extensive background in holistic skin care as well as aromatherapy, we also create beautiful, customized face serums uniquely made for you. 


What We're About


Our belief is that wellness inside radiates beauty outside. Wellness begins with a mind at ease. Aromatherapy is a gentle approach to mind and body support. Avila Aromatics sources ingredients that are either Certified Organic, Organic, Ethically Wild Harvested or Unsprayed. You’ll find that we use only pure essential oils. We are exceptionally conscious to use plants and essential oils which are not on an endangered plant list. All ingredients are sourced from smaller companies who buy directly from farmers. The majority of our products are created with essential oils and herbal infused oils, with some infused by us directly, with healing intention.

Our Founder, Karin Lieberman



At a young age, Karin took a great fascination of natures's often overlooked serenity. As an adult, this passion led her to an occupation in holistic skincare within a wellness spa in Marin County, CA. Not only did she begin to realize the positive impact oils had on her client's skin, but the profound change in their emotional state during and after the application process. Karin has over fifteen years experience in the field of holistic skincare.

Soon after witnessing these incredible benefits, Karin was inspired to expand her knowledge by attending the New York Institute of Aromatherapy, with founder, Amy Galper. She then completed her Clinical Aromatherapy Certification, with guest teacher, Jade Shutes, of The School for Aromatic Studies. Karin's training also includes Manual Lymph Drainage, Reiki Level One and Western Herbalism.